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May 31, 2011

Staten Islanders for Real Budget Solutions

Cordially invites you to a

Peoples’ Town Hall

Speak out on the NYC budget!
Hear about real solutions!

Tuesday, June 14, 6:00-8:30 pm
Bernikow-Mid Island JCC
1466 Manor Road, Staten Island

We hear it every day: “There’s no more money.”  No money to keep our senior centers or firehouses open, keep our teachers, serve the homeless, ensure our vital services, invest in good jobs, or help college students graduate.

The proposed NYC budget is set to shut 20 firehouses, gut library, healthcare and parks services and cut thousands of city workers’ jobs.

The Big Banks that crashed our economy, destroyed jobs, caused millions to lose their homes, that bankrupted city and state budgets, and are now reaping record profits, with soaring rates of executive compensation—these banks refuse to pay their fair share of what it takes to rebuild our economy. People in Staten Island have had enough.

Its time to discuss real budget solutions that allow Mayor Bloomberg to save our jobs, human services, schools, pensions and communities.

Lets make our voices heard. We invite our City Council members to hear firsthand the hardships that people in this borough have already seen and what‘s to come if this budget passes. There are alternatives. We’d like to know if they support them.

For more information email or go to

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